We are a group of academic researchers exploring popular culture tourism around the world. The group was created in 2010 as a result of a joint interest in travel in the wake of popular culture phenomena such as films, TV shows, literature, and music.


Once again, a very warm welcome to our liminal popular cultural tourism space! We hope that you will find your time here enjoyable and educational.


For a short introduction to our work, please listen to our researchers' being interviewed here:


Dr Maria Lexhagen Part 1

Assoc. Prof. Christine Lundberg Part 2

Dr Maria Lexhagen Part 3


Our research group consists of The Partners and The Associates. The Partners are the core group of our research team. The partners were all part of forming the research group in 2010. The partners currently work at Mid Sweden University, University of Surrey, UK, Lund UniversityUniversity College of Borås,

Gothenburg University  in Sweden, and Aalborg University, Denmark.


The Associates is made up by researchers across the world that The Partners collaborate with in different projects, bids and publications.


We research the scope and content of popular culture tourism such as travels to film locations, places featured in literature, and fan events. We are also interested in the use of social media and its relation to the planning of tourism the wake of popular cultural phenomena. In recent years we have focused on the international popular culture phenomena the Twilight Saga, ABBA, and Bollywood.


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Tourism Research in the Wake of Popular Culture Phenomena